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Hello! Welcome to Tacua Design!

Javier Picos da Silva

Tacua Design launched in summer 2016 by Javier, a young Uruguayan designer that came to Spain in 2004. Although Tacua Design was born in 2016, the passion for carpentry, natural objects and the environment have always been important in the life of its creator. After graduating in communication and interior design, Javier has worked in several areas in different countries to finally take the plunge and choose for what has been his passion since his youth: designing and creating own furniture.

The name of the project originates from the birth city of its creator, Tacuarembó. In the indigenous guaraní language tacuara means bamboo.

Tacua Design creates unique pieces that are completely handmade using foremost reused woods to contribute to the sustainability of our society.

Our objective is that more and more people can enjoy unique and durable handmade furniture that is adapted to their likes and needs.